DACO Precision-Tool has a wide array of machining capabilities. Our line-up of equipment includes late model vertical CNC machine centers, Swiss-style CNC lathes, horizontal boring bar, wire and sinker EDM as well as large format surface grinders. Whether it is a complicated one-off project or a part that you need tens of thousands per year, we have the right equipment, technology, personnel, and experience to help with your next production machining part.

We’re striving for excellence in efficiency by:

  • Using programming software to quickly program new parts and optimize cycle time
  • Using multi-pallet machines to allow more flexibility and increase spindle “ON” time
  • Our machines are equipped with multi-tool changers to perform multiple operations in the same cycle
  • Using tooling that allows for quick and consistent tool changes and changeovers
  • Quick change fixtures to allow for minimal setup time
  • Upstream processes are done in house (precision saw cut blanks, or stamped blanks) allowing for better control of quality and consistency.
  • One operator running multiple machines

Please consider us for your new or existing production machining program – we may be that needle in the haystack you’ve been looking for.