Most of our machining falls under either the categories of production machining or tool & die related projects.  But there are those cases where our experience and equipment may be a good fit for a project you need completed.  These often tend to be maintenance related items, subcontracted work, or very short run limited projects.  Some examples would include cutting new bores on a welded & repaired piece of equipment, doing pocket or plate work for die sets as a subcontractor, or doing finish machining on 5 sand casted parts that will be used on industrial equipment.  Each project is unique, and whether we have the ability to help or not we will do our best to offer a quote or point you in a direction to help accomplish your mission.  We believe a little good will… can go a long way!      

If you are looking for a partner to help produce a production machined part click here to visit our Production Machining page.

If you are looking for help with a Tool and Die project please click here to visit our Tool and Die page.