EDM Machining Services

  • Specifications
    Part Quantities

    We have the ability to produce a single die for prototype purposes, or to support production die requirements with quantities of up to a hundred or more.

    Part Dimensions accepted (min/max as applicable)

    For detailed information see data under equipment lists.


    We pride ourselves on quick turn around of design concept tooling to completed production tooling.
    Your product’s design specifications, overall size and thickness of the material it will be forming will determine our tooling fabrication lead times.


    Casting of Metals
    Molding of Plastics

  • Capabilities
    Secondary Operations

    Carbon and Graphite Electrodes
    CNC Bar Work
    CNC Drilling
    CNC Machining
    Counter Boring
    Counter Sinking
    EDM Services wire and conventional
    Laser Cutting
    Spot Welding

    Industries Served





    Food and Service






    Railroad and Mass Transit

    Recreational Vehicle

    Client List

    Mercury Racing

    Quality Certification

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified

  • Equipment List:
    Equipment List

    1-Okada Graphite Electrode Machining Center
    Model GM544
    X-travel 19.7 inches
    Y-travel 15.7 inches
    Vertical Z-travel 11.8 inches
    Spindle 30,000 Maximum RPM inches
    Torit Vac System
    LxWxH Maximum Work Piece Size
    xxxx Maximum Work Piece Weight

    1- Mitsubishi EX-8 CNC EDM
    With PC Based 64 Bit Control and FPII 60 Power Supply
    Work Tank Size: 30.3 x 19.6 x 9.8 inches
    9.8 Ram Travel
    1210 Maximum Work Piece Weight

    1- Mitsubishi EX-30 CMC EDM
    With C11E Control and 16-Position Macro ATC
    Deep Work Tank Size: 47 x 31.5 x 18 inches
    Table Size: 35.88 x 26.77 inches
    13.77 Ram Travel
    4,410 lbs. Maximum Workpiece Weight
    4.5 Grams per minute Metal Removal

    1- Chevalier Precision Tool Room Electrical Discharge Machine
    Model: ED-252 50 AMP
    3-Axis Futaba Digital Readout System
    Tank: 30 x 20 x 10.6 inches

    1- Chevalier Precision Tool Room Electrical Discharge Machine
    Model: DM-540 75 AMP
    3-Axis Futaba Readout System
    Tank: 51 x 29.5 x 20.7 inches

    1-Japax LUX-3 Wire EDM,
    with 5.0 Bridgeport Easy Cam Software

    1-Japax LXE Wire EDM,
    with 5.0 Bridgeport Easy Cam Software

    1- Mitsubishi DWC 110C CNC EDM
    with BobCAD-CAM Rev-#V23

    Secondary Operation Equipment

    3/4 H.P. Delta Drill Press

    Clausing 10 x 15 inches Automatic Wet Grinder, 1 x 12 inches Wheel

    Harrig 6 x 12 inches Surface Grinder with 12 inches Electro Magnet

    Wells 6 x 10 inches Cutoff Saw

    Myford MG12 Grinder

    2 – Boyer 6/12 Surface Grinder

    Snow 3/8 inch Auto Tapping Machine

    Brother BT-2-225 Auto Tapping Machine

    Electra 6715 Auto Heat Treat And Draw Furnace

    Wilson Model #4TT BB Hardness Tester

    Wilson Model #HR 150A Hardness Tester

    Yoder 10,000# 10 Ga. x 36 inches Wide Coil Slitting Line with Wean Over Arm/Coil Separator

    10 Cubic Foot C&S Rapid Finish Deburring Machine with Auto Unload

    10 Cubic Foot Rosler Automatic Heated Parts Drying Machine

    10 Cubic Foot Sweco Rotary Deburring Machine

    5 Cubic Foot Sweco Rotary Deburring Machine

    Chicago Turret Self Feed Rivet Machine

    Miller Portable Spot Welder

    Miller Model #CP-200 Wire Feed Welder

    A.O. Smith 350 Amp Welder

    Craftsman #30-230 Portable Welder

    Snapon Model #YA 3330 Portable Plasma Cutter

    Support Equipment

    Supermax 3 H.P. CNC 3-Axis Vertical Mill, Computer Programable, with Fixturing OR 6 inches Vise

    ProtoTRAK K3S2 CNC Milling Machine With SM2 Control

    ProtoTRAK K3 CNC Milling Machine With Edge Control

    ProtoTRAK TRL 1440S CNC Lathe With SL Auto Control

    Bridgeport 2 H.P. Milling Machine with Q.M.S Readout, 6 inches Vise

    Excello 2 H.P. Ram Turret Milling Machine with TRAK 3 Position Readout, 6 inches Vise

    Bridgeport 1 ½ inch H.P. Milling Machine with 6 inches Vise

    Tech-Turn 13 inches Swing x 42 inches Lathe

    Sullair 30 Hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor

    Zeks Auto Air Drying System

    25 H.P. Quincy Air Compressor with Aftercooler/Water Separator

    15 H.P. Quincy Air Compressor with Aftercooler/Water Separator

    5 H.P. Ingersol Rand Air Compressor

    80 x 12 feet Die Racking System

    Safety Kleen Parts Washer

    Misc. Airfeeds, Uncoilers, And Straighteners

    Misc. Master Dies, Inspection Equipment, Hand Tools, Tool Cutters, Tool Boxes, Etc.