DACO Precision-Tool can make tools and dies for many metals and non-metal fabrication processes. Whether it is something as simple as punching out a washer, or part that is very complex; we can build a die that will get the job done. We can build a die that will fit your exact application. Common die types include:

  • Progressive dies for high-production, complex parts that may require multiple bends, drawing, or other processes.
  • Compound dies for a high-accuracy, time and cost-effective way to stamp flat simple parts such as washers.
  • Pierce & Cut Dies for a very cost-effective way to quickly stamp flat, “rectangular” shaped parts such as shims, spacers, and plates. This die type reduces scrap…and your raw material cost.
  • Bend/Form Dies are used to form a part into a variety of angles and shapes. This can be done as a secondary tool and operation, or it can be built into a progressive die.

DACO Precision-Tool uses a variety of 2D and 3D cad/cam Software to develop, design, and plan the layout of our dies.  We have the resources to build a die for any application. When high volumes of production are expected, we can build a dependable tool with longevity in mind. We can also produce low-cost tools for prototyping and sampling applications. Die protection is always on our mind, and DACO Precision-Tool can build in sensors that will help prevent costly damage to the die.

Do you have a tool/die that isn’t running right, or as quickly as you need? DACO Precision-Tool can troubleshoot, modify, and repair existing tooling to get it running like you need it to.

If you have something in mind please send an e-mail to sales@daco-precision.com.  Attach your design documentation along with your contact information for our Engineering Department to review and provide you with a quote/feedback.